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Linda's Tracking Hounds
Linda Callaway

I became interested in tracking years ago. I expanded my formal training by volunteering on missing pet searches, and after a year of training searching for pets and working for donations, I began offering my services for a reasonable fee. I mostly track in the Central Valley close to home but on occasion travel for special cases but usually still within 2 hours of home. I have a BA from CSUS, went to graduate school, and have worked professionally in the Sacramento area for over 20 years. I have over ten years of tracking training and experience. We also are used on missing persons searches when no other dog team has been successful

I train my dogs strictly for tracking and tracking exercises. I have studied tracking under various conditions and taken seminars and worked with high profile trackers - when I practice I work on fine tuning my dogs skills.

I also offer K9 training in home sessions for dog obedience. As of 2014 I am now expanding my dog obedience training. See my web site at  http://trackingk9s.com for more information.