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Photo Gallery | Photos and video capture News10's Halloween 'Breakfast in My Neighborhood'

News10 enjoyed Halloween breakfast with local Sacramento County residents at Cricket Kitchen Friday, October 31.

News10 traffic reporter Melissa Crowley broadcast news live at this week's 'Breakfast in My Neighborhood' restaurant and had a chance to chat with Cricket Kitchen owner, Dard Niethammer, loyal customers and the Heartstoppers Haunted House crew.

VIDEO - Breakfast in My Neighborhood at Cricket Kitchen

VIDEO - It's Halloween on Breakfast in My Neighborhood!

VIDEO - What to expect at Heartstoppers Haunted House

VIDEO - Melissa Crowley gets scared at Breakfast in My Neighborhood

News10 thanks Cricket Kitchen staff for the wonderful hospitality and fine food.


Check out News10 My Neighborhood and email us at writer@news10.net to let us know what your favorite breakfast restaurant is in your community.  You just may see it as one of our next 'Breakfast in My Neighborhood' live broadcast events.