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Photo Gallery | Photos: Melissa Etheridge performs to a packed house in Grass Valley Friday night

Rock legend, singer, song writer and musician Melissa Etheridge performed to an enthusiastic crowd at the Grass Valley Veterans Memorial Auditorium last night, Sept.19.

Ms. Etheridge's technical skill shown through as she proceeded to dazzle her loyal fans by performing all her songs solo.  That's right - without a band.  Instead she made great use of her 10 guitars, a piano, a harmonica, and musical synthesizer, and of course, her phenominal voice. 

She played an array of older hits, such as "Come to My Window" and "I'm the Only One" along side new songs, like "A Little Bit of Me."    

Song after song, the audience would show her how thrilled they were to be hearing such a talent, often giving a standing ovation and waving glow sticks.  And when Etheridge mentioned that she was going to take a selfie, a good number of the audience moved closer to the stage, so they could be a part of the photo.

Ms. Etheridge announced that she's got a new album coming out.  It's called "This is M.E." and it's set to release on Sept. 30.  It will be the first one on her own label.

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