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Photo Gallery | PHOTOS: Palm-sized puppy! Meet Beyonce ...

EL DORADO HILLS, CA - A palm-size puppy is alive and getting stronger by the day, thanks to the efforts of the Grace Foundation in El Dorado Hills. <?xml:namespace prefix = o />

"She's the smallest dog I've ever seen in my life," said Beth De Caprio of the Grace Foundation.

Beyonce Knowles, as the foundation named her, had to be resuscitated upon birth. "She wasn't breathing when she came out," said De Caprio. "Our vet did a little compression on her chest and she came around."

Little Beyonce weighs less than the milk bottle used to feed her and is pictured dwarfed by items like soda cans and cell phones on the foundation's Facebook page.

"She's a quarter the size of the other pups in the litter, but she's a fighter" explains De Caprio.

Beyonce's mother, along with two other dogs, was saved from euthanization at a San Bernardino high kill shelter by the Grace Foundation earlier this month.

The mom was very very pregnant! when she arrived and gave birth a few days later to 4 puppies - Beyonce being the last and premature. The other three are with mom and doing fine.

"We like to think [Beyonce's] had her life saved several times now. Once when we rescued her mother and again when she was resuscitated at birth," De Caprio said.

Altough small in stature, Beyonce is relatively healthy, according to De Caprio. She is even strong enough to muscle her way in amongst her brothers and sisters at the chow line to nurse when not being bottle fed by foundation members.

According to De Caprio, the Grace Foundation will continue to care for the entire family who will all eventually be available for adoption.

For more information on the Grace Foundation or little Beyonce Knowles, or if you would like to contribute to the cost of formula for her, go to The Grace Foundation website and donate to the little critters fund and put her name in the notes field.