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Famous El Dorado restaurant Poor Red's hopes to reopen in late 2015


Maybe you've traveled to Poor Red's by car, limo or motorcycle. Could be you were on your way to, or from, South Lake Tahoe.

At the busy intersection of Pleasant Valley Road and Highway 49, in the historic town of El Dorado, sits Poor Red's. Maybe you've been a thirsty traveler stopping by. The building's been there since 1856. Since the 1920's, it's been a watering hole.

Sacramento libraries help teens find self-help books quietly

Sacramento libraries help teens find self-help books quietly

The Sacramento Public Library is getting some attention for a great idea that makes it easier for teens to help themselves with problems like depression, abuse and eating disorders.

Justin Azevedo, a librarian at the Arcade branch put together a list with issues teenagers sometimes deal with but are difficult to talk about. Next to each topic is the code that leads you to a self-help book.

"Whether it's something as seemingly mild as acne or whether it's something more serious like being in an abusive relationship," Sacramento Public Library teen librarian Molly Milazzo said. "These are the kinds of topics, especially when you are young, that you want to be able to handle quietly."

Man accused of recording inappropriate images of girls in El Dorado Hills

A man who allegedly took inappropriate pictures of girls was arrested Tuesday night after a lengthy investigation, the El Dorado County Sheriff's Office said.

The office said that 49-year-old Andrew Lee was arrested at a home along Royal Troon Drive in El Dorado Hills. Lee is believed to be in real estate, and is listed on the Affiniti Real Estate website as a broker.

When News10 stopped by the office, we were greeted by deputies conducting a search.

Lee was booked into El Dorado County Jail on annoying or molesting children and peeping charges, the office's spokesperson Lt. Tom Murdoch said.

Lee had allegedly frequented several retail stores and other locations around El Dorado County, and surrounding areas, where he would secretly photograph or record inappropriate images of females, according to Murdoch.

El Dorado Hills reuses water to keep lawns green

In the midst of a severe four-year drought, a brown lawn has become a badge of honor, but for one community there's no shame in going green.

Much to the the envy of their neighbors, the homeowners in the gated Serrano in El Dorado Hills community haven't had to lose green, lush grass in the drought. The medians, grounds and golf course in and around the property also green.

Your first thought must be, these people are water wasters, but every drop of water used to keep the grass green has been used before.

"All your shower water, all your toilet water, dishwater, everything that goes down your sinks, comes to this facility and we clean it up," El Dorado Wastewater Treatment Plant Supervisor of Operations Alan Planje said.

Rescue horses given third chance

"It was daunting to say the least and very overwhelming."

Ninety-one horses. Some of them old with health issues, others 2 and 3 years old with no training. That was the scenario when El Dorado County Animal Services took control of them from the now-defunct Grace Foundation of Northern California animal rescue facility last November.

And it wasn't the first time many of the equines needed saving. Grace Foundation had taken 51 of the horses from what was described as an abusive and neglectful boarding situation near Susanville less than three years before. In that case, stallions were running with mares and 14 of the mares were with foal when Grace Foundation brought them to El Dorado County.

Lisa Dowling was the ranch manager at Grace Foundation and was there when the situation deteriorated as the executive director and banks wrangled over money.

Fire ravaged forest brings sadness, also beauty for campers

EL DORADO NATIONAL FOREST - Even as campers pour in to the El Dorado National Forest for the Memorial Day weekend, dangers remain.

Several members of a group of campers from Sacramento didn't even realize they were near the King Fire's burn zone as they set up tents at the Ponderosa Cove Campsite.

Fortunately, one camper did understand the risk from burned trees and branches that can still fall on unsuspecting hikers.

"They call them widowmakers because they can fall down right on your head and kill somebody, so the dangers are very real," said Andy Jacobs, who said he had a "red card," indicating he was trained to fight wildfires.

CHP investigates fatal crash on Hwy. 50


A person was killed in a head-on collision on Highway 50, near Kyburz, Thursday afternoon.

The California Highway Patrol said a pickup truck and a sedan were involved in the crash. A CHP spokesperson said It wasn't clear if the victim was a driver or passenger.

The collision was on a stretch of 50 where the highway is two lanes divided by a double yellow line.

Traffic was backed up on the highway until a little after 4 p.m. when the CHP was able to move the involved vehicles to the side of the road.

The CHP is investigating the crash.