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Photo Gallery | Fox Trot Anybody?? NO! It's The 5th Annual Folsom TURKEY Trot...

The Fifth Annual Folsom Turkey Trot had registration slots available for 4,000 turkey trotters, and that’s what they were…Dressed with the spirit of Thanksgiving Day, runners were seen with a turkey dressing!  No, not the dressing within the home basted turkey dinners awaiting palates...but the dressing that adorned runner’s heads, that of turkey feathers to drum sticks, to head bands held securely with a smiling bird … Ah yes, the air was filled with the aroma of Thanksgiving dinners in each runner’s mind … and, perhaps that influenced some great timing of the runners, as they had somewhere to go after finishing the goal!

So many families joined in for a great run, and happiness exuded as this run was for such a great cause!  Portions of proceeds and all donations will benefit the local community, including Twin Lakes Food Bank and the Never in Our Town Youth Assistance Fund.  Over $35,000.00 was raised in last year’s event, alone. 

Yes, the race began with a 10K run and as runners took that first step over the start line, watches were set and the race was on!    

5K Run/Walk brought families together, from little ones in strollers to the favorite family dog!  Many mothers, fathers, grandmothers, grandfathers and siblings experienced this Thanksgiving run with smiles and eyes shining.  They were together and that meant everything, as one couple told me. 

Today, happiness emanated from all who attended.  Children were delighted to be with a parent and share the event of not only a great run/walk, but a great occasion. 

It was a blessed event to participate, or partake as a volunteer, as eLifeAdventure -  Life In Action registered runners, handed out the Turkey Trot 2011 t-shirt to each runner, provided directions as needed, and as runners/walkers crossed the finish line, Darryl Schmidt, bull horn in-hand, welcomed our runners home with a “Congratulations!  Happy Thanksgiving!”   eLifeAdventure volunteers were available to remove the runners’ tags from their running shoe and send them on their way to water awaiting the end of this journey!    

Now as a tradition of Folsom, the Turkey Trot 2012 is on a count-down! 

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