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Photo Gallery | NEWS10 SCARATHON: 6 of Sacramento's Most Horrific Haunted Attractions

For some, Halloween brings to mind images  of beautiful Fall scenery, youngsters dressed up in cute costumes and quaint decorations sprinkled throughout the home.

However, for others, All Hallow’s Eve evokes images of gruesome ghouls, knife-wielding maniacs, possessed souls, and hoards of the undead feasting on an endless supply of guts and gore.  For those individuals, Halloween is a time to test one's threshold for terror, and then seek out more when it’s been reached. 

But where in Sacramento can you find places that will deliver the kinds of chills to send your blood pressure soaring higher than a bat across a mist-covered moon?  News10 took on the hunt for some of the biggest and best haunted houses in the area and unearthed 6 demented domains of death, dread and downright fright.   

So if you’re looking for something fun and frightening to do leading up October 31st, check out these mazes of the macabre . They’re sure to satisfy your appetite for terror and leave you longing for next Halloween.



Haunted Hagan Scream Park in Rancho Cordova is like nothing else on the west coast. Combining two of the most popular and critically acclaimed haunted houses in the area, Haunted Hagan takes you on a nightmarish trip back in time to the “brutality, greed and filth” that was the old west.

Once aboard the Haunted Hagan Express Train Ride, you’ll journey through the dark and foggy haunted woods into 'The Deadlands' where roaming monsters hungrily await your arrival.

If you survive the Deadlands, three horrific houses of terror stand between you and escape.  Hangtown SideShow houses a collection of the most fearsome freaks this side of the Ol’ Miss.  Get past them and you’ll have to deal with Heartstoppers Haunted House, which is only one of the most feared attractions in the Sacramento area.  And finally, if you’re still in one piece, you’ll come one on one with Haunted Hagan’s newest attraction, Scarecrow’s Maize, where hay-stuffed head seekers trace your every step.

Haunted Hagan’s offers a truly unique approach to the haunted house and is well worth the visit.

Hagan Community Park
2197 Chase Drive
Rancho Cordova, CA 95670

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Located in Roseville at the Placer County Fairgrounds, Callson Manor vows to immerse your senses in an environment so horrifically realistic you’ll swear you’re in the middle of a nightmare.

Owned and operated by a professional animatronics prop designer, Callson Manor hand picked a crack team of expert set designers, make-up and special effects artists' whose sole purpose is to ensure your adrenaline is pumping all night long.

Even the attractions outside the haunted mazes are crafted to terrify, while entertaining.  You’ll wander through a creepy courtyard and experience attractions such as Zombie Paintball, The Living Dead Stage with 2 shows nightly, Chainsaw Alley, Tarot Reader, and Bubbas BBQ before you even enter one of their 4 haunted houses.

Panic: Face all your fears in a collage of classic phobias. Make sure to wear sensible shoes for this one, I suspect you will need to run in them.

Miner's Revenge: Miner James “Boom” Nobel’s ghost has been seen in mine shaft #13.  Dive into the darkness of the mines on a thrilling ghost hunt for Boom.  Just make sure you can get back out alive.

Callson Manor Funeral Home Zombie Invasion: Pus-oozing, brain-eating armies of the undead swarm and slunk around the the Callson graveyard looking for a morsel of fresh flesh to infect. 

Vampire's Crypt: Creep through the crypt, trying not to awaken the lair's fanged residents on your way to Club V.  But these vamps aren't teen idols so you're advised not to hang around for too long.

Located at the Placer County Fairgrounds in Roseville

Visit their website


FRIGHT PLANET –  Sacramento, CA

Fright Planet turns the usually friendly confines of Cal Expo into an all-out assault on your nervous system. Featuring 5 massive haunted houses and numerous additional attractions, you’ll be hard pressed to find a more entertaining haunt this Halloween. 

Pirates of Scurvy Island – An island full of underhanded, undead, bloodthirsty bilge suckers haunt this desolate island.  Evil lurks in every narrow passage and dark cave.

Dead Man’s Lagoon in 3-D – As if this petrifying pond of haunts wasn't’t scary enough, you’ll venture through it in a stunning 3-D experience. But don’t get too caught up in the eye-popping displays or you’ll soon discover why they call it “dead man’s” lagoon. 

Death Row – Some of the most cunning and evil inmates ever incarcerated watch your every move as you pass by their cells.  Hopefully for you, those bars can hold them.

Blackout – Dive into the darkness where unimaginable terror lays hidden.  As Fright Planet says, this one’s not for the claustrophobic.

Psycho Midway in 4-D – You’re trapped in a world overrun by insane, bloodthirsty clowns.  But it’s okay, it’s just a maze right? The sights, the sounds and the smells all around you might make you think twice.

1600 Exposition Blvd. GATE #9 off Ethan Blvd.
Sacramento, CA 95815

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Located at U-Pick Pumpkins in Fair Oaks, Cemetarium boasts 600-feet of chills and shrills to keep the bravest adventurer on edge.  Zombies, lost souls and other demented creatures dwell in the darkness, looking for more unsuspecting victims to add to their collection.

U-Pick Pumpkins 5415 Kenneth Ave. Fair Oaks, Ca 95628

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MAINES MANSION – Midtown Sacramento, CA

While Maines Mansion is more a of a haunted production than a haunted house, there’s plenty of fright to fulfill your night.  Maines goes less for the gory and more for the story, with great actors and a cleverly creepy plot.

You find yourself at the wrought-ironed gates of the Maines Funeral Parlor and Mausoleum with no other way to go than inside. So you and your group of unfortunate victims…err…I mean visitors enter the funeral parlor with no clue as to what’s in store.

This is a sincerely different Halloween adventure that’s perfect if you’re not into being chased by madmen with chainsaws, or if you’ve already visited one of Saramento’s traditional haunted houses and are seeking a different experience.

Admission is free, but donations are accepted and 100% of the donations will benefit Sunburst Projects  - an organization that helps children and families in the Sacramento area who are affected by HIV/AIDS.  

Show runs from October 21 through Halloween, except Monday and Wednesday. Shows start at dusk and end around 10pm...later on the weekends – rain or shine.

Maines Mansion is located at 25th & I Streets in Midtown Sacramento

Visit their website



Constructed by professional designers and decorators featured on DIY’s Yard Crashers, Corbett's House of Horror offers an terrifyingly real experience that will satisfy the most hardcore haunt fanatics. From effects to actors, Corbetts features gruesomely realistic props, costumes, and sets heighten the senses, as well as the blood pressure.

Corbetts features the following four bone-chilling terror tours:

The Hollywood Experience: The movie monsters who haunted your dreams as a kid come back to terrorize you in real life!

Medical Center: One walk through here and you will never want to go to the doctor again!

Crazy Carnival: If you weren’t scared of clowns before, you will be when you’re stuck in this sadistic circus environment.

House of Horror:  While the name may lack a little imagination, the creatures plotting your demise inside certainly don’t. 

1120 Galleria Blvd, Roseville CA 95678.

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Enter the world of the most notorious mass murderer, “Porkchop”.  Learn why he was committed to the Ravenblood Assylum and what became of him.  Can you survive his rage and escape “Porkchop’s” revenge?

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One of the area's scariest home haunts returns to Elk "Grave" for the Halloween season. Reaper’s Wrath will frighten the bravest souls from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. at 8870 Autumn Gold Court. Instead of the usual trick-or-treating, the Elk Grove hosts are asking for a can of food for admission. They will donate all food to the Elk Grove Food Bank. Another canned good will be needed for each additional admission.

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