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Photo Gallery | 1160 Participate! 4th Annual Folsom Firecracker Run

Thanks to Todd Drybread, Founder, Organizer and Renee Drybread, Marketing Manager, this 4th of July brought our youth, adults and families together to celebrate the blessings we share in our country.  

1160   4th Annual Folsom Firecracker Run participants had registered, and after photos were taken, stretches were stretched and toddlers were secured, all lined up listening for that “horn to echo” for the 10KRun at 8:00 am and 5K Run/Walk at 8:15 am!  A sea of red/white/blue was seen from the complimentary 4th of July tee-shirts for each runner, and those sporting their own celebratory dress with bonnets and flags in hair as well as red/white/blue shoes!  The 4th of July was welcomed by all.  

eLife Adventure once again was invited as the premier volunteer group and 14  eLife friends and volunteers were there bright and early at 6:00 am, setting up tables, organizing the pre-registration/registration check-ins and greeted all with smiles. 

The beneficiaries of this year’s event included:

P.A.R.T.Y. (Prevent Alcohol and Risk-Related Trauma in Youth): Their mission is to promote injury prevention through reality education, enabling youth to recognize risk and make informed choices about activities and behaviors. P.A.R.T.Y. programs teach high school freshmen and sophomores, before they get their Driver’s License, about the risk of driving and other activities while texting/calling/drinking/drugs, running stop signs, tailgating and more. Teen driver crashes are the leading cause of death for our national youth and this program is changing those statistics and keeping them out of jail for causing fatalities/injuries.

Sacramento Sheriff's Toy Project: The program provides a character building environment for offenders, who work with law enforcement officers and community volunteers to build dollhouses, rocking horses, motorcycles and refurbish bicycles to nearly new condition. Deputy Sheriff's and Sheriff Volunteers distribute these items to the less fortunate community.

The Grace Foundation of Northern California: This non-profit organization provides critical care and rehabilitation for abused and neglected animals and utilizes their rescued animals for assisted learning and therapeutic programs for children, youth and adults. This includes horses, dogs, cats, goats, pigs, chickens and cows.

Sierra Forever Families: Sierra Forever Families is a private, non-profit agency that focuses on finding and nurturing permanent homes for children. It was founded in 1983 by adoptive parents who saw that traditional adoption procedures stood in the way of placement of many children. Today, the agency has placed over 2,500 children in permanent homes. Sierra believes that every child deserves a loving home. Sierra serves children considered more difficult to place, and has become known for advocating and finding homes for older children and large sibling groups.

Friends of the Folsom Library: Friends of the Folsom Public Library is a volunteer non-profit organization advocating and promoting the library as a vital community service.

The Mexican Orphan Mission: Established by Capitol Adventure, 100% of money and donations are used to purchase food and supplies for several different organizations in Northern Mexico that receive no financial support from the Mexican government. Doors of Faith Orphanage, currently cares for 100 children. About 90% of the children there are brought to them from Mexican Social Services and have been abandon or come from abusive homes. The Breakfast Club provides breakfast to 300 children per day before school. For many of these kids it will be the only meal they have for the day. Many of these families live in extreme poverty as this community was just a landfill several years ago. Both of these organizations rely on volunteers as well as private donations to serve these very needy populations.

A special thank you to the following sponsors who made this run possible! 

Now 100.5, RCMI Management, Sharif Jewelers, The Grand Salon, Folsom Dog Resort, Vonderwerth Financial, Fleet Feet, Performance Physical Therapy, Willow Café, Petvets, Planet Beach Folsom, More Than A Mailbox, Radi Dental, Zuda Yoga, Early Toast, eLife Adventure, Walibu Web Services, Doctor For Total Health, Total Nutrition, Mountain Moto, Folsom Toyota. 

Another successful 4th of July for the Annual Folsom Firecracker Run!

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