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August 2012 Newsletter


Dogs Days of the Shelter

LaVerne and Shirley's Scary Adventure

At nine o’clock at night, the Sunday before Independence Day we were notified by a local shelter that they had three cockers that were out of time. July 3rd. is the heaviest euthanasia day of the year for public shelters because they have to make room for all the animals that are frightened by fireworks and end up at the shelter. We had foster space for only one dog and very limited funds for vet bills so we took the healthy boy without hesitation. But before we left we took a last look at the two girls who were left and our hearts just sunk..

We were told they had come in together and were likely sisters. One had a severe eye injury and probably was going to be blind, she had big sores all over her back. Their eyes were so sad like they had given up all hope. We tried to walk away but our feet would not move. "We will take them too" we heard come out of our mouth.



Now we were in a pickle. No foster home to put them and no money to pay our vets for these extra bills but our only thought was to get them medical attention as quickly as possible.

We named them LaVerne and Shirley on the ride to the doctor. It turned out LaVerne’s injuries were worse than we imagined. She had been blind in one eye for some time with glaucoma. The injured “good” eye was badly infected and we could only hope we could save the eye much less her sight. The large sores on LaVerne;s back turned out to be scars from burns from something or someone. She was such a sweet girl to have suffered so much. While at the vet. we determined her little sister, Shirley, also had eye problems requiring treatment but they were treatable and she was still able to see and guide LaVerne around.


The sisters were settled into a foster home and with intensive care LaVerne actually began to regain her sight. With lots of TLC the emotional scars are fading too. The hopeless look in their faces has been replaced with smiles as they wait to get adopted. Maybe should not have taken them but we are so glad we did. and we are so thankful for your support that made all this possible!

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