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Eldorado National Forest Dirt Roads to Remain Closed Beyond April 1

Dirt roads in the Eldorado National Forest will remain closed until weather and soil conditions improve, announced Forest Supervisor Ramiro Villalvazo.  The current closure is extended beyond April 1 to May 1. There is a possibility that the roads will open sooner or the closure might be extended again.  Last year the dirt roads reopened in May.

“I will re-evaluate the soil conditions and weather forecasts every two weeks to determine if the routes are dry enough to reopen,” said Villalvazo. “I don’t want families and other visitors to have false expectations that the routes will be open in mid-April only to be disappointed.  I'd rather forecast a longer closure and then find out that I can open the routes sooner.

Tow is better than one

Tow is better than one

By Scott Johnston

A quick look beyond the statistics and past the accomplishments reveals something more, something rare, something possessed by few and desired by many.

Coaches thirst for it, teachers praise it and classmates gravitate toward it.

Union Mine High’s Cody and Sean Tow have it – a quiet confidence, approachability and the innate ability to feather life’s throttle just enough, while maintaining perspective and wisdom well beyond their teenage years.

Slight of build and humble to a fault, the brothers – wrestling champs and football stars – are easily two of the more recognizable figures as they make their way around their El Dorado Hills campus.

Cody, a senior, and Sean, a sophomore, have seen their legacy grow daily, a result no doubt of their legendary athletic accomplishments, as well as their approachable, easy-going attitudes in and out of the classroom.

The Wonder of Twin Power

The Wonder of Twin Power

By Scott Johnston

Over the past three decades, the Ponderosa High wrestling team has left plenty of opponents seeing double.

Since 1971, the Bruins, who are currently in the Delta River League, have failed to capture an outright league or conference title only three times, sharing the ’94-’95 Sierra Foothill League title and finishing second twice, once in the Sierra Valley Conference (’07-’08) and once in the Golden Empire League (’80-’81).

This season, the Bruins were the top team in the Delta River League this season, leaving more than a few adversaries seeing double, and in more ways than one.

The 2011 Ponderosa team featured not one, but three sets of twins – seniors Erik and Alex Greybill are identical, while Walker and Tim Ditrich are fraternal; sophomores Jonathan and David Timm, are also identical and round out the group.

North America 3D Animal Archery Tournament hosted by El Dorado Hills Bowmen

Regional archery club El Dorado Hills Bowmen invites area archers to attend their annual 3D archery tournament. It’s being held on Saturday and Sunday, March 5 and 6. As in years past, member and non-member archers will face the challenge of shooting 28 marked yardage 3D targets of North American animals as well as other novelty targets.

This annual event, known to members as “The Open Shoot,” is the major fund raising effort for the El Dorado Hills Bowmen as well as a great opportunity to expose area residents to the joys of archery, the features of the club and a chance to meet the members. In addition, participants have the chance to compete for prizes in two separate clout shoots – a running deer target and a stationary pig target. Archery equipment is not available for rental.

The club will be offer food and drinks for sale at three locations throughout their facility.

Red Hawk Casino awards $59,000

Red Hawk™ Casino announced that it awarded $59,000 to 79 Red Hawk Rewards Club members over the course of the Pro Football Pick ‘Em Challenge between September 2010 and January 2011. This included $34,000 won in weekly drawings throughout the 17 week season, $10,000 to three season-end winners, and $15,000 in a second chance drawing, split by eight lucky winners. 

For those that still have football fever, Red Hawk Casino will be giving away a 55” Sony definition television and 16, 40” high definition televisions on Monday, January 17, during the Big Screen for the Big Game promotion.

Guests can win one of the 16, 40” high definition televisions in hot seat drawings held every 20 minutes between 1 p.m. and 6 p.m.