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Woman shot, killed during carjacking in El Dorado Hills | News

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Woman shot, killed during carjacking in El Dorado Hills


A woman was shot and killed outside an El Dorado Hills bar while trying to run away from the gunman early Wednesday morning, the El Dorado County Sheriff's Office said.

The suspect, identified as Oakland resident Anderson Swift, 41, approached two women leaving 36 Handles Pub at closing time with a gun and demanded their car keys and cash. The women refused and ran back towards the bar, whose doors were already locked. The sheriff's office said Swift caught one of the women, then shot and killed her.


A bartender heard the shooting and opened a side door, letting the survivor inside and to safety. She was not injured. Officials have not released any other information about the victims.

The sheriff's office said Swift then took the murder victim's car keys and drove away from the area in a 2006 Subaru Legacy. Swift drove northbound on Silva Valley Road before he lost control and went down a dirt embankment -- rolling the car over, striking a wooden fence, and landing in the backyard of Dustin Hart's home.

"The car was right here," Hart said. "It was upside down. It just came straight through there where the branches are broken and flipped onto it's top here. Part of the engine caught fire."


Craig Griffin was home watching a movie when he heard the crash outside his home.

"It sounded like bending metal," Griffin said. "It was boom, screech, crash, boom. And then, it was quiet."

Griffin didn't see much when he went outside. But as he walked along Silva Valley Parkway, something caught his eye.

"I was half way to the car, and the car was on fire," Griffin said.

As Griffin approached the car, he saw the driver get out of the car. Griffin said he didn't know who Swift was nor that there was a shooting minutes before the crash.

"I was trying to help someone who I though was in a car accident," Griffin said.

He explained there were two different car crashes beside his home before this one.


Griffin said Swift ran, got into a neighbor's yard, hopped the fence and then got into Griffin's front yard. Griffin intercepted Swift in his driveway.

Griffin offered him a bottle of water, a chair and tried to get Swift to calm down. Griffin, a former EMT and police officer in the Bay Area, proceeded to check the man out to see if he had any injuries. Griffin said Swift was disoriented and in shock.

"He was panicked," Griffin said. "He said somebody was chasing him, trying to kill him."

Swift thought he was in Oakland and asked Griffin several times to take him to the train station.

Griffin said something didn't seem right so he kept Swift calm and encouraged him to get checked out by firefighters, who just arrived on scene. He walked Swift up to the first responders and soon afterward, deputies arrived.


Only later did Griffin learn about the deadly shooting and carjacking.

"It was a brutal murder," Griffin said. "And, the irony behind his demeanor, to me, I would never have guessed he just killed somebody."

Swift was arrested and a gun was recovered inside the crashed car, the sheriff's office said.

Swift was booked into El Dorado County Jail for murder, felon in possession of a firearm, carjacking and theft of a motor vehicle. He is being held without bail according to El Dorado County Sheriff's Office.



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