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Your Guide to Apple Hill (Yum!) | Family

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Your Guide to Apple Hill (Yum!)
Family, Food & Drink, Fun
Your Guide to Apple Hill (Yum!)

Momservation: Having the first bite of your child’s hot apple donut falls under the Checking for Poison provision.

☺        ☺        ☺

Hot apple donuts. Need I say more?

If you haven’t been to Apple Hill yet this season to usher in fall, or (gasp!) ever, I’m taking away your excuses today.

First excuse: No time. With soccer, football, fall ball, fall swim, lacrosse, volleyball, and/or basketball on the weekends there’s no time to get up to Apple Hill.

We had the same problem. Solution? This coming Monday, Nov. 11 is Veteran’s Day—a holiday. What better way to spend a crisp fall day than eating your way through every apple related product in the red, orange, and yellow dappled Sierra foothills?

(The other way is to play hookie from work or school like Hubby and I did for our anniversary and our friends, the Breens, did for their Annual Skip School and Go to Apple Hill day.)

Second excuse: I don’t know where to go or the best places to stop.

No problem. Step 1, here’s a map:...

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Family, Food & Drink, Fun

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