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Were these items stolen from you?

PLACERVILLE, CA - El Dorado County sheriff's detectives have recovered numerous valuable items believed stolen as a part of a fencing operation in the Placerville area in which items stolen during home burglaries were being bought and sold.

The items include jewelry boxes, costume jewelry, firearms, musical instruments, and power tools. They were seized during a warranted search Tuesday at a home on the 4300 block of Panorama Drive. The resident, Ronald Rich, 69, was identified as a buyer of the stolen property, said Lt. Bryan Golmitz. Rich is in jail on unrelated charges.

If you recognize the jewelry boxes Photos accompany this story)or have had the other items listed stolen, you can call the sheriff's Investigations Division at (530) 642-4703 to schedule an appointment. You're urged to have your property list and case number available for reference.

Colver, Witt sentenced in mother's murder

PLACERVILLE, CA - Steven Colver, convicted of stabbing to death the mother of his girlfriend two years ago, was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole in a Placerville courtroom Friday afternoon.

Ex-girlfriend Tylar Witt, 16, received 15 years to life for pleading guilty to second degree murder. In a plea deal made with the El Dorado County District Attorney's Office, she withdrew a guilty plea to first degree murder in exchange for her testimony against Colver and a shorter sentence.

The couple was accused of killing Joanne Witt, 47, in her El Dorado Hills home in June 2009. According to previous reports, they feared what would happen when the victim reported Colver, then 19, for having sex with her daughter, who was 14.

Colver, now 21, was also found guilty in his June trial of special allegations of lying in wait, use of deadly weapon and killing a witness to a crime. 

DA on mission to prevent repeat of Dugard horror

SACRAMENTO, CA - The district attorney who sent Phillip and Nancy Garrido to prison for the rest of their lives in the kidnap and rape of Jaycee Dugard is on a new mission: to make sure another Garrido case never happens again.

El Dorado District Attorney Vern Pierson has released a 24-page report outlining what he feels went wrong.

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Much of the investigation has already undergone public scrutiny, including the missed opportunities to find Dugard and the missed chances to revoke Garrido's parole.

Copper wire theft suspects caught in Camino

CAMINO, CA - El Dorado County sheriff's deputies arrested two men suspected of stealing copper wire and other items from the closed Sierra Pacific Industries lumber mill Saturday afternoon.

Donald Henstra and Scott Folsom, both of Sacramento, were caught after a foot and canine pursuit that ensued when the men crashed their vehicle in woods north of the mill and fled, said sheriff's spokesman Sgt. Edward Falkenstein.

Folsom and Henstra were booked into El Dorado County Jail for burglary, possession of stolen property and resisting arresting. Folsom's bail was set at $1,070,000; Henstra's at $55,000.

Falkenstein said it was the second burglary this month at the mill which closed shop two years ago.

Garrido targeted 3 other victims in South Lake Tahoe

SOUTH LAKE TAHOE, NV - Court documents released by the El Dorado County District Attorney's Office include a map of where several of Phillip Garrido's attacks happened. Before Jaycee Dugard, Garrido had four other known victims.

Police say Garrido's first victim was a 14-year-old girl he raped and kidnapped in Antioch on April 14, 1972. She was afraid to take the stand to testify against her attacker.

The three rape and kidnapping incidents that followed took place in South Lake Tahoe.

Rhe second victim was raped and kidnapped on  June 7, 1976, in South Lake Tahoe. Police say Garrido talked the 19 year old into his car, handcuffed her, and then assaulted her.

VIDEO: Court documents reveal new information on Garrido victims

PLACERVILLE, CA - Two videos taken by Phillip and Nancy Garrido of children in public places were among documents released Tuesday by the El Dorado County Attorney's Office.

District Attorney Vern Pierson and St. Sen. Ted Gaines, R-Fair Oaks, are mounting an effort to close loopholes in California law and parole procedures that allowed convicted sex offender Phillip Garrido to be granted early parole and avoid detection in the Jaycee Dugard kidnapping investigation. Dugard was abducted from her South Lake Tahoe neighborhood in 1991 when she was 10. She was found to have been living in the Garridos' Antioch backyard for the next 18 years.

Last month, the Garridos were sentenced to life in prison terms for Dugard's kidnapping, imprisonment and molestation.

Bill tries to clear backlog of untested rape kits

SACRAMENTO, CA - Sexual assaults are among the most vexing violent crimes police agencies must solve.

Rape cases quickly can descend can into he-said, she-said disputes, especially when law enforcement lacks physical evidence from rape kits. That evidence needs to be gathered in the first 72 hours after an attack, a period when victims frequently are anguished and unsure of whether to even report the crime.

Then, we've learned in recent years, a number of California police agencies essentially shelved many rape kits, with testing backlogs of thousands of biological samples.