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The tragic loss of Galt Officer Kevin Tonn is embraced within the community he so valiantly served.. | Community

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The tragic loss of Galt Officer Kevin Tonn is embraced within the community he so valiantly served..
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The tragic loss of Galt Officer Kevin Tonn is embraced within the community he so valiantly served..

Although the tragic killing of a law enforcement officer occurs relatively infrequently, each time it does, there is displayed a flay in the American fabric. Each time a warrior hero such as Galt Officer Kevin Tonn is torn from us, we lose not only a fine and talented and brave protector, we lose a chunk of our own sense of security. The shadows are a bit deeper and the days, unlike what the almanac states, seem a bit longer. A K9 dog, Yaro, is suddenly without a master, suddenly without his partner and best friend. We all have lost a friend.

Sacramento County Law Enforcement Senior Chaplain Mindi Russell, after days of sitting with the amazing family of Officer Tonn in both Galt and Roseville, now plans Monday's Funeral services, a task she and her office have too much experience in. In the last twenty years she has been tasked with the honor of planning nearly 170 services for Officers and their families, thankfully very few follow a Line of Duty death. These are the worst fears for anyone in law enforcement. Yet, every day, it is in the back of the minds of each man or woman who dons a uniform and goes out to protect each one of us. It still is jarring, unsettling and upsetting. It makes each of us question the components to the moral decay of a society that has to bury yet another fine protector and brave friend.

In a meeting yesterday composing of 50 plus officers and Police Officer Associations and fine Chaplains from several counties, Chaplain Mindi spoke of honor and respect. Expect a lot of that in the next few days as we give salutations to the outstanding work ethics and stellar service we expect - and yet takes a tragedy of this caliber to drive home - the appreciation of the community at large.

Monday, the day of the funeral at Adventure Community Church in Rocklin (11:00AM) is a federal holiday. Because of this, families will have the opportunity to huddle together on the overpasses of bridges and line the surface streets from Roseville to Citrus Heights to witness hundreds of police and civilian cars in procession. Parents will attempt to explain why they are huddled on an overpass or lining a street on a cold winter morning. There are others things to do with a day off. Officer Tonn no longer gets to look forward to a day off, but we can look forward to this Holiday and the opportunity to pay tribute to Kevin Tonn and honor his service to our communities. He was a Firefighter and serviceman and Police Officer. He was a friend and protector. He was a neighbor and son. He was a cousin and church attendant and the list goes on.

The scaffolding will be set for the media outside the church. The kleenex is in place, the limos have been donated, the formations have been planned, the honor guard has practiced, the eulogies crafted, the contact lists created, the programs designed, the flyovers arranged, the dignitaries confirmed, the uniforms polished, the children briefed and the plans are in place, it is the very least we can do. Officer Tonn has done the very most.

Todd Gearou,
Special Events Coordinator,
Law Enforcement Chaplaincy - Sacramento
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