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Local giving website EGIVA.com seeks donations for next phase | Business

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Local giving website EGIVA.com seeks donations for next phase
Local giving website EGIVA.com seeks donations for next phase

PLACERVILLE, Calif. August 3, 2011    Collaborative local giving website EGIVA.com allows donors and recipients to connect locally through a free website that allows searching by proximity as well as category of item. Founders Jamison Miller and Virginia Miller-Weiseth have seen their project grow and change lives across the country and around the world.

In order to continue this growth and reach the next level of development, Egiva seeks to raise $10,000 through Kickstarter.com. The fundraising website allows interested parties to reach out to help a cause they support through safe donations. Egiva must obtain pledges for the entire amount by Friday, August 26 to receive the funding.

The egiva site (egiva.com) is free and easy to use. Users set up a profile with an email address. Donors use the “Give” tab to list the items available to be claimed. They can specify whether the item can be claimed by anyone who’s interested or only members of a particular group. Those seeking an item use the “Get” tab to describe what they need.

Any organization or individual can set up an egiva group and invite others to participate. This capability gives groups freedom to coordinate their membership while keeping donations within the group. A group can consist of friends, neighbors, coworkers, fellow members of an organization or any other affiliation.

egiva is the realization of a dream for Virginia Miller-Weiseth, a California schoolteacher who wanted a way to connect those who have with those in need. She began with a site for her own church, then expanded the ministry for others.

When disaster strikes, Egiva offers a benefit to victims and aid givers. Donors and recipients can connect without lengthy paperwork or limited appointment hours. Whether the problem is a natural disaster or a local problem, Egiva stands ready to work.

Register for Egiva at www.egiva.com. Show support for Egiva’s mission by visiting Kickstarter.com and making a pledge.

For additional information or to request an interview, call Virginia Miller-Weiseth at (530) 626-4221, email at vweiseth@gmail.com.

Source: Mary Beth Magee
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