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April is National Pet First Aid Month

April is National Pet First Aid Month
Basic First Aid for Pets


Owners that have a basic knowledge of pet first aid are better able to give their pet a fighting chance in an emergency. Basic first aid skills can help keep your pet alive, alleviate pain and suffering and prevent further harm when transporting the animal to the veterinarian or hospital.

Don’t panic, protect yourself from injury, prepare in advance
When faced with an injured or severely ill pet, take a moment and assess the situation. Decide if there is danger of further injury to the animal or first aid giver. Ensure that you will not be injured, either by the surroundings or the animal. Determine if the pet needs to be moved immediately. How you approach an injured pet safely is important. Animals may respond to pain and fear instinctively and react with aggression. You cannot assume a docile pet will not bite.

PHOTOS: World's smallest dog now a whooping 6 ounces

EL DORADO HILLS, CA - Tiny, tiny "I am a Survivor" Beyonce is making progress.

Beyonce, who weighed just under 1 ounce when she was born a month ago, now weighs almost 7 ounces and is beginning to walk, reports her caretakers at The Grace Foundation of Northern California, an animal rescue and rehabilitation center.

PHOTOS: Beyonce at 4 weeks old

Beyonce is healthy too, according to her veterinary check-up, even if she has a way to go to catch up to her siblings which tip the scales at more than 1 pound, 10 ounces each.

Beyonce fit into a spoon at birth and according to the World Records Academy, is the world's smallest dog to survive.

Heroic El Dorado Sheriff's K9 recently passed away

Heroic El Dorado Sheriff's K9 recently passed away

It is with great regret that we must announce the passing of El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office Canine “Asko”. Asko passed away on March 20 from unexpected natural causes. Asko joined the Sheriff’s Office in 2006 when he started his law enforcement training with his partner Deputy Jeffrey Tucker. Canines and their handlers become a very close team as they live together and work together in excess of forty hours per week.

Horse rescued after falling down embankment near Somerset

SOMERSET, CA - A horse that was stuck at the bottom of an embankment for eight hours was rescued with help from four agencies.

The UC Davis Veterinarian Emergency Response Team (VERT), Sacramento Metro Fire Department, El Dorado County Animal Control and Pioneer Fire Department responded to a small creek on Tigers Eye Road, off of Mt. Aukum Road, where the horse was stuck since 9 a.m., Sacramento Metro Fire Assist. Fire Chief Scott Cockrum said.

"Apparently this horse went down for some reason and rolled down an embankment, under a tree, and ended up in a creek," VERT Dr. Cheryl Ellis said.

VERT worked with Pioneer fire crews and El Dorado County Animal Control for several hours to free the horse, Cockrum said.

"UCD packaged the horse and put it on a sled. We attached our hauling system to the sled and moved it down the creek and up the hill," Sacramento Metro Fire Capt. Tom Neville said.

1st wolf in Calif. in decades returns to Ore.

GRANTS PASS, OR (AP) - Oregon's wandering wolf, OR-7, has crossed the border back into his home state after spending the last couple of months in Northern California.

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife said Friday that the latest GPS tracking collar data put him in Klamath County on Thursday and in Jackson County at midnight.

OR-7 was the first known wolf in California in 87 years. Just before members of his pack in northeastern Oregon were put under a kill order for preying on livestock, OR-7 lit out for new territory last September.

He has trekked more than 1,000 miles across highways, deserts and mountains, looking for a mate and a new home territory. There have been no livestock attacks confirmed along his path.

Horse injured in collision with SUV on Hwy 49

EL DORADO COUNTY, CA - A horse was badly injured when it was hit by an SUV on Coloma Rd. near Rattlesnake Bar Rd. in El Dorado County on Wednesday morning.

According to California Highway Patrol reports, the horse suffered a broken leg, but was alive and laying in the road.

No information was provided on the condition of the driver or whether the horse would survive.