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2013 World Rabies Day Event

2013 World Rabies Day Event

Sacramento, CA.   What do a 3-month-old calf pastured next door to an ice cream parlor in Rhode Island, a kitten born to a barn cat in Colorado, and Bluetick/Walker Coonhound mix puppies for sale in Oklahoma have in common?  This summer, all of these animals exposed numerous people to rabies.  In each case, post-exposure treatment was necessary for every person who had contact with the rabid animals.  The rabid animals either died or were euthanized.  This all could have been prevented if the animals had been protected by rabies vaccination.

Rabies in people and their pets is rare here in the U.S.A., primarily because of the pet licensing and rabies vaccination requirements in most counties.  Nevertheless, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports approximately 6,000 cases of rabies in animals within the U.S.A.

Grand Opening RRUFF K9 Agility Course Sat Sept 7 10 a.m. - 1 p.m.

Grand Opening RRUFF K9 Agility Course Sat Sept 7 10 a.m. - 1 p.m.
RRUFF Dog Park K-9 Agility Equipment-Grand Opening

RRUFF Dog Park served as the focal point for Cordell Firestone's Eagle Scout Project.  The project involved fundraising, designing, building, and installing K-9 agility equipment for both the small and the large dog areas.  The equipment includes window jumps, tunnels, dog-walks, tire courses, and an adjustable hurdle.  Many volunteer hours of community service went into this project.

Join the Grand Opening Celebration Saturday from 10:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.  Special Award Ceremony at 10:30

Bring your dog and have fun on the new agility equipment.   Meet the Boy Scouts that built and installed the equipment and learn all about the RRUFF Dog Park, Rocklin  located inside Johnson-Springview Park at 5480-5th St Rocklin.  Visit the website at www.rruffdogpark.org for more information.

SAKrescue needs foster homes

SAKrescue needs foster homes

SAKrescue, a registered non-profit, is looking for loving foster homes that can provide care and socialize kittens.

SAKrescue Kitten Adoptions @ Roseville Incredible Pets Sat. June 29th!

SAKrescue Kitten Adoptions @ Roseville Incredible Pets Sat. June 29th!

SAKrescue is having an adoption event this Saturday, June 29th!


Siamese, Maine Coon, Tabbys, Orange ones & more!

We will be at the INCREDIBLE PETS in Roseville, from 11-3. It's located at 1105 Roseville Square, next to Trader Joe's.

Dog lovers defend pit bulls as breed

SACRAMENTO, CA - A pit bull attack that left a woman in Stockton dead Thursday has re-ignited a debate about the breed: Is their reputation for violence deserved?

STORY: Woman killed in apparent pit bull attack in Stockton ID'd

Owners of American Staffordshire Terriers competing at Cal Expo's Sacramento Kennel Club Dog Show will tell you their dogs are often mistaken by the public for pit bulls, so they're intimately aware of the public scorn for pit bulls.

That's especially true for Richard Chatigny. After years of raising Amstaffs and other dogs, he and his wife adopted a pit bull named Sadie.

"She's the calmest. She's the most obedient. She's the most accepting of anybody and everybody. She's a great ambassador," Chatigny said of Sadie.