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Two Hounds Need New Homes

Two Hounds Need New Homes

Saving rescued dogs is close to my heart. I'm hoping with some help we find good homes for these two hounds? They are with a dog Rescue Group in the Valley and both dogs can be brought to their prospective new owners. The first one is Katie, a Catahoula. This summer she has a new favorite hobby - diving and swimming. She is command trained. And Needs an active Owner. The second girl dog is a Red Bone Coonhound, Georgia.

This is what the Rescue Says about Georgia:  GEORGIA  ON  MY  MIND

At approx. two years of age, this gorgeous Redbone Coonhound has had some hard knocks.  She was abandoned and is in need of a secure, loving forever family.

If you can be her gentle, but firm guide to the world, this pup will bond with you – responding to your mood and tone of voice.

Coonhounds are very sensitive creatures and want to please their people.

Contributor of the Month: SPCA

Contributor of the Month: SPCA

Baby gates are attached to the doorframes of the different offices at the SPCA.

“We all get to bring our dogs to work, which is really great,” SPCA Director of Public Relations Lesley Kirrene said. “It’s beneficial and it keeps you mellow, kinda keeps you down to earth … It’s a great place to work, it’s really a lot of fun.”

The SPCA is a local non-profit organization that took care of over 13,500 animals in 2010. And that is just the tip of the iceberg. In addition to the taking care of the animals, the SPCA holds different programs, organizes a spay and neuter clinic, places animals in homes and hosts multiple fundraising events throughout the year.

PHOTOS: Inside the SPCA

Kirrene’s job is to make sure the public knows about the SPCA’s different programs.

Family Dog Hike - March 27

Pack up the kids and dogs...This trail is a true gem in El Dorado. 

Part of the Rails to Trails program, this route climbs very gently up from Placerville to near Camino.  Keith Atwater, past ARC board member & volunteer, will lead you up this trail that's about 6 miles round trip. Hikers can turn around at any point they choose. This hike is unique in that Keith is allowing dogs. He will give a brief talk on "dog etiquette" on the trail before you begin. All ages welcome, strollers ok.

Sunday, March 27th 1 pm - 4 pm (approx.)
Contact ARC to sign up and for meeting location (Placerville area): 530-621-1224
Suggested donation: $5/members, $10/non-members

Think your pet is cuter than this?

Think your pet is cuter than this?

News10 viewer gcordova sent in a photo of cute little "Cisco".

Think your pet is cuter? Send us a photo and the name of your community to writer@news10.net and we'll feature your furry family member!

El Dorado Supervisor Nutting rescues kitten

El Dorado Supervisor Nutting is the ultimate cat hero, saving a cat who had been stuck in a tree for 4 days.  Read more...