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Two Hounds Need New Homes
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Two Hounds Need New Homes

Saving rescued dogs is close to my heart. I'm hoping with some help we find good homes for these two hounds? They are with a dog Rescue Group in the Valley and both dogs can be brought to their prospective new owners. The first one is Katie, a Catahoula. This summer she has a new favorite hobby - diving and swimming. She is command trained. And Needs an active Owner. The second girl dog is a Red Bone Coonhound, Georgia.

This is what the Rescue Says about Georgia:  GEORGIA  ON  MY  MIND

At approx. two years of age, this gorgeous Redbone Coonhound has had some hard knocks.  She was abandoned and is in need of a secure, loving forever family.

If you can be her gentle, but firm guide to the world, this pup will bond with you – responding to your mood and tone of voice.

Coonhounds are very sensitive creatures and want to please their people. Georgia is no exception to this rule. 

She is curious but cautious about new people and things – just give her space and confidence in herself.

She is well-mannered in the house and cooperative.  Georgia is crate trained and housebroken.

She knows her basic commands and walks well on leash.

Loves to play with other dogs and can get mouthy when over excited.

She’s a champ with doggy doors and riding in the car.

Loves to curl up next to you on the sofa at the end of the day.

Her silly prancing dance step will delight you !

Seeking a family with no small children as her exuberance can overwhelm.

And here is about Katie:   KATIE  the  CATAHOULA

 Katie is a 3-year-old Catahoula Leopard Dog .  She was given up by the only family she has known due to foreclosure.

This smart, energetic, athletic gal is built  to run and chase.

She would make an excellent running or jogging companion.

Loves to fetch balls and play tug of war, but has a passion for swimming !  She leaps fearlessly into the pool to retrieve toys, and brings them right back, ready for another plunge.

She knows her basic commands and walks with her nose to the ground like a hound.

As a Catahoula, she has a high prey drive and will go after small dogs or other animals.

She can be pushy with other dogs, but not aggressive.

Katie is eager to please you as her person and will lay at your feet waiting for your next request.

She is not a barker or a digger, but can jump a 4 ft. fence.

You have to meet this gal in person to really appreciate her special qualities.

I have owned both a Redbone Coonhound and a Catahoula. These are wonderful breeds for the active person with no small children. If you have interest in giving either of these beautiful dogs a new home contact Carol at Westside Animals for Adoption (209) 892-3114
Westside Animals For Adoption is
located at Best Friends Pet Resort
2631 Olive Avenue
Patterson, CA  95363

Drop in hours are Monday - Saturday  8am - 12 pm;  Sunday  9am - 12 pm; Appointments are available during off hours. West Side Animal is a small rescue in need of funds and help. They may have to close their doors and these two beauties need a good forever home. Can you help out. Do you know someone who likes taking their dog in the Water? Remember Katie - she loves to dive and swim.

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