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Contributor of the Month: SPCA
Animal Lovers
Contributor of the Month: SPCA

Baby gates are attached to the doorframes of the different offices at the SPCA.

“We all get to bring our dogs to work, which is really great,” SPCA Director of Public Relations Lesley Kirrene said. “It’s beneficial and it keeps you mellow, kinda keeps you down to earth … It’s a great place to work, it’s really a lot of fun.”

The SPCA is a local non-profit organization that took care of over 13,500 animals in 2010. And that is just the tip of the iceberg. In addition to the taking care of the animals, the SPCA holds different programs, organizes a spay and neuter clinic, places animals in homes and hosts multiple fundraising events throughout the year.

PHOTOS: Inside the SPCA

Kirrene’s job is to make sure the public knows about the SPCA’s different programs. One of the ways she gets the word out is using multiple online tools like social media and News10's My Neighborhood.

“It’s a great resource for us. We’re really pleased to be part of it,” Kirrene said. “We’ve seen a lot of people want to communicate with us online. And that’s proven to be not only a great way to get the information out, but it’s been a great fundraising resource for us as well.”

The SPCA sends out a print newsletter three times a year and an electronic newsletter once a month. Recently, the SPCA re-designed its website to be more user friendly and to better showcase adoptable pets and upcoming events.

“We’re still using a lot of print media, but we’re doing more and more electronically,” Kirrene said. “We have to be careful to cater to all age groups. Our print newsletters and print fundraisers tends to appeal more to an older demographic. And then we’re getting the younger demographic with all of our electronic communication.”

The SPCA depends on donations and money raised during fundraisers to keep the animal shelter up and running. The shelter does not get any funding from the city or the county.

“We have grown significantly over the last seven years, to a staff of 100 and about 1,700 volunteers, whom we depend on in just about every area of the shelter.”

The annual Doggie Dash, which will be on Saturday, June 4, is one of the Sacramento SPCA events aimed at raising money for the shelter. The event is a 2K and 5K walk in William Land Park, which joins with a pet festival.

“It’s about 4,000 people and their dogs that come out,” Kirrene said. “At the pet festival we do everything from Frisbee demonstrations and contests to agility. We have our pup show which has all types of contests. It’s a real fun day and it’s a great great family day out in William Land Park.”

The Sacramento area SPCA announced in May that they have entered into negotiations with the city and county of Sacramento to take over animal care in the area. If the organization is able to takeover animal care operation, Kirrene said animal in-take would increase to 40,000 and they would receive funding from the city and county.

The SPCA could potentially take over operations of all three animal shelters in the area as well as animal operations that run out of the facilities.

“It would be a benefit to all the homeless animals in Sacramento,” Kirrene said. “We would be able to provide, we would be able to increase staffing levels, we would be able to increase hours of operation, and various things that would help all the animals that come into all three shelters.”

Below Kirrene talks about adopting from local animal shelters

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