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Over 100 animals including 66 horses will be up for adoption this weekend | Animal Lovers

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Over 100 animals including 66 horses will be up for adoption this weekend
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Over 100 animals including 66 horses will be up for adoption this weekend

This Saturday The Grace Foundation of Northern California will be hosting an Octoberfest and Adoption Day Event.  This event is free and is open to the public. 

Over 100 animals will be up for adoption on this day, including 66 horses. Dogs, cats, goats, sheep, chickens and even a goose will also be available.

Where: 5800 Latigo Lane El Dorado Hills, CA 95762

Activities include: 11am- noon: Parade of adoptable animals lead by children from all walks of life that participate in the programs offered at Grace. 

Noon- 5pm: The community is invited to meet the animals up close, tour the ranch, get information on volunteering.  There will also be pony rides, games and activities and the community can start their Christmas shopping as dozens of vendors will be on hand. 

This event also has a somber aspect to it.  This event was scheduled out of the overwhelming need The Grace Foundation has right now to place horses and other animals.  The Grace Foundation is currently above it’s maximum capacity being home to 176 horses and over 100 other animals right now.  

This event falls on the heels of the worst case of animal cruelty Grace has ever seen.  The cruelty which took place in Susanville CA involved 56 horses found alive but in varying stages of starvation and dozens more found dead...their lifeless bodies scattered amongst the herd of horses struggling to stay alive.

Included in the horses up for adoption this weekend are 20 of the horses from the Susanville case.  The other 36 are still in protective custody pending the outcome of this case. What makes this case even worse is that at least 18 out of the 36 horses are confirmed pregnant.

The Grace Foundation is in desperate need of placing many of the the other horses to make room for the foals that will soon be born.  This pregnant mares and foals also puts a financial burden on Grace that was not anticipated. Grace is asking for the communities help in caring for these babies.

This has brought the total animals rescued this year by Grace to over 350.   “This year has been the “perfect storm” for animals in need, says Beth DeCaprio, Executive Founder and Executive Director of The Grace Foundation.  “With hay prices skyrocketing-  http://hayandforage.com/ehayarchive/0705 and the economy still unstable times could never be tougher...especially for our animal friends.

The Grace Foundation is hoping that this event will bring awareness to the plight of our animals and hopes that the community will find a place in their hearts and home for many of these incredible survivors.

To visit the horses please contact: Beth DeCaprio (916) 396-2768 or (916) 941-0800

To view a short video of the amazing story of 3 of the Susanville horses as well as actual footage from the cruelty seizure, please go to:  http://vimeo.com/30530451

Source: Beth DeCaprio, The Grace Foundation of Northern California

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