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Canine hero in need of life-saving surgery | Animal Lovers

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Canine hero in need of life-saving surgery
Canine hero in need of life-saving surgery

ROCKLIN, CA- He may look like an ordinary dog, but Koa is much more than a fun- loving, furry companion. His keen senses give him the ability to sniff out medical emergencies and now he is in a race against time as he faces one of his own.

The 4-year old Airedale has brought joy to the Videll home. From trips to the lake, to long walks at the park, his spunky personality and warm nature have made him part of the family. “He’s like one of my kids, except he’s fuzzy,“ said Michelle Videll.

Recently, the Videll’s received devastating news. Koa is battling congestive heart failure and is in desperate need of a pacemaker. The family has poured over a thousand dollars into treatment, but due to tough economic times they are sadly running out of hope. “It’s a nightmare, it’s like not being able to care for one of my children, it’s heartbreaking,” said Bill Videll.

The news is especially difficult for Bill and Michelle’s son. The 20- year-old has a debilitating heart condition, coupled with epileptic seizures.  Koa has been by his side from the beginning, even saving his life with his acute sense to detect the onset of a medical emergency. “Koa lays on him and stares at us intensely to let us know something is wrong, he won’t leave his side,” Videll said.

Though Koa is only starting his life, his days of chasing bubbles and playing with his soccer ball are rapidly fading. Sadly, UC Davis veterinarians say Koa is running out of time and could suffer yet another heart attack any day.

It’s a difficult reality for the Videll’s who know if their financial situation were better, they could have their vibrant, playful pup back. “It’s so heart- wrenching, Koa has a 90 percent chance of living a full happy life, if he gets the surgery.”

Koa’s surgery will cost over 3-thousand dollars. It’s a price tag that is too high for the family of five who are doing their best to make ends meet. “It’s difficult to ask for the communities help on this, but we are desperate, Koa will die within a matter of days if we don’t find a way to help him,” said Videll.

If you would like to help the Videll family save Koa, please visit





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