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Family's lost dog adopted out in microchip mix-up | Animal Lovers

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Family's lost dog adopted out in microchip mix-up
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RIO LINDA, CA - EXCLUSIVE: Christina Kimble is trying to get her family dog back after losing her several weeks ago.

Kimble says in 2008 she adopted Miley from a family friend and was given a microchip certificate, just in case the dog was ever lost.

A few weeks ago, Miley got loose from behind her father's gate at his Rio Linda home and went missing.

A passerby found Miley and took the dog to the Rio Linda Veterinary Clinic where receptionist Julie Hammons ran the microchip on the lost dog.

"The microchip was not registered to an owner, but that it was placed at Homeward Bound," said Hammons.

A volunteer with the golden retriever rescue organization Homeward Bound picked up the dog a short time later and started looking for the dog's owner.

"We posted on Craigslist. We put up signs and we even contacted our adopters in the Rio Linda area if anyone was missing a dog," said Jody Jones.

For 18 days Jones says she looked for the rightful owner, and because there was no correct microchip information, Miley was adopted by a new family.

"We have a dog that has no ID on it, no registration to, for the microchip other than to Homeward Bound. We posted trying to find the owner. We got no response so we placed the dog in a new home," said Jones.

Experts say mistakes happen with microchips. Pet owners need to have an ID collar on their dog or cat at all times, and it's up to pet owners to register the microchip and update the information when they move.

Kimble said she hopes to get Miley back, and she does not want a new dog.

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