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Open Letter to My Dog
Open Letter to My Dog

Momservation: The first ingredient in Humble Pie is cleaning up someone else’s poop.

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In the ongoing effort to change my perspective to a positive one, become grateful for the little things, and not waste energy hanging onto anger and disappointment I have turned to an expert in these matters.

My dog.

After coming home to yet another mess—the result of a Yellow Labrador convinced she hasn’t eaten in her entire three year lifespan—I had an epiphany. As Darby hunkered by the door, clearly repentant for being unable to resist impulse, she could not contain the wag of her tail and body wiggling joy that I was home. Despite knowing the penalty for her transgression was to throw her mischievous fuzzy butt outside, the last place she wanted to be—away from me—I could see in her eyes that she still adored me and already forgave me for the anxiety I was about to inflict on her...

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